Trump administration says it’s not considering banning ICE raids, despite claims of a plan to do so

President Donald Trump on Monday dismissed a White House directive that said he would consider barring immigration enforcement agencies from enforcing federal laws, after multiple reports said he had made such a decision.In an email to reporters, a White Senate spokesman said Trump has no plans to ban ICE raids on communities of color and […]

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How to spice your life with spice of Life

A lot of people have heard of spice oflife, a popular strain of the cannabis plant that contains the psychoactive cannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabigerol.However, a lot of these strains are still very new to the market and are still quite difficult to obtain.Here’s a guide to spice ofLife strains that you should know about.Sterilized cannabis […]

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How to Make Spiced Apple Pickles

What is spice?Spices are a versatile ingredient that are often used in different cooking dishes, sauces, and desserts.They can be used in many different ways, and spice is often paired with other flavors.For example, apple pickles are usually made with spices like lemon juice and garlic.Other spices include cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, and chili powder.But spice […]

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What’s on the spice rack at Walmart?

Walmart is now selling its first-ever spice rack cabinet.It’s not exactly a first-generation product, but it’s a solid step forward in the evolution of spice racks, which were not really known to be a staple for shoppers.The Spice Rack Cabinet features an 8-inch rack that doubles as a spice rack, and it has a spice […]

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