When Republicans want to make it tough for Democrats, they’re more likely to make their own

Republicans, like their party’s president, want to be seen as tough on terrorism, even when the only way to do so is to take on the Democrats.

But there are some things the GOP can’t do, even if they want to.

And for Republicans to make things worse, the Democrats have to be willing to make concessions, too.

For example, when Republicans want more money for the Department of Homeland Security, Democrats are likely to be more willing to support the DHS and to take more tough measures.

That’s a good thing for Republicans, but it also makes things even more difficult for Democrats.

As the president has said, we want to build a wall and stop people from coming in.

But we also want to put in place the right mechanisms to enforce those policies.

So if Republicans are willing to compromise, Democrats will be more inclined to agree to do things that will make it more difficult to build the wall and keep Americans safe.

But if Republicans aren’t willing to do that, the only place where Democrats have a realistic chance of success is if they are willing not to do anything at all.

That could mean making it easier for terrorists to come in and kill Americans, even in the name of border security.

Republicans can’t be that stubborn.

So the best thing Republicans can do to protect Americans is to work with Democrats on tough measures that they can take without giving up any of their most popular ideas, like a border wall.

But the problem is that most Democrats aren’t interested in compromise.

They want to keep the border secure and get money for DHS to continue to protect American lives and businesses.

And that means keeping the border open, which means a wall.

This week, the Republican Party announced that it would support a $1 trillion border wall with Mexico, even as it was facing a serious shortage of money for that purpose.

If Republicans want a more effective border wall, they should be willing not just to support it, but to make sure that it’s built and built in a way that it will be able to withstand a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.

And they should also be willing, even at this point, to work on getting money for it.

But they are not.

Republicans are still willing to pay for a wall by making it harder for Democrats to get their own priorities approved.

As soon as the border is secure, Democrats should start talking about a more robust, comprehensive immigration bill.

But in order to get a comprehensive immigration reform bill passed, Republicans will need to work for the border wall and make it even more secure.

It will take a lot of hard work, but the GOP will have to do it.

If Democrats are willing, and Republicans are not, then the only real place where they have a chance of succeeding is if, after a couple of years of negotiating, they agree to work together to build and protect the border.

If that’s not possible, the Republicans can just go ahead and try to destroy the border by continuing to allow the Democratic Party to do what they want.

And then the Democrats will have no real choice but to get on board.

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