What’s the difference between Indian and Chinese curry?

New York City-based Chef James Cook is best known for his Indian fusion cuisine, and his restaurants are famous for using local ingredients and techniques to create their dishes.

Now, Chef Cooks Indian Cookbook is bringing some of his techniques into the kitchen, as well as new ones.

The first book in Cooks India Cookbook series will debut in March 2018, and it will feature recipes inspired by dishes from over the past year.

Here are a few of our favorites.1.

Spiced apple cinnamon.

Spicing apple cinnamon is a spice used to make sweet desserts, especially those made with coconut milk.

It can be used to flavor other sweets, as is found in the Indian spice blend.

A little cinnamon goes a long way.2.

Coconut milk and sweet papaya.

Coconut is a favorite of chefs and home cooks.

You can make coconut milk and add it to other recipes to give it an extra kick.3.

Green tea.

This tea is one of the best ingredients for making Indian curries, and you can make it from green tea, as a flavoring or in place of other ingredients.4.

Cinnamon rice.

This rice can be made with the spice of your choice, or add it as a garnish.5.

Cucumber and cilantro.

Coconut, cilantro and cucumber can be combined to create the perfect curry dish.

Cucumber is another spice that can be substituted for the more common cinnamon.

For example, a sweet, tangy curry might use cucumber or mint, and the curry might be topped with cilantro, green onions and cumin seeds.

Here’s a quick, easy recipe to make a sweet curry:1.

Add coconut milk2.

Add a few cloves of garlic3.

Mix together and strain into a small bowl4.

Add curry leaves and cayenne pepper5.

Top with a few pieces of cilantro or green onions6.

Serve immediately.

Want more?

We also recommend this video on how to make Indian-inspired recipes.

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