Indian spice cookies to make at home for £7.75

BANGALORE: The spice cookies will make a good Christmas gift for those who don’t like to use traditional spices, and who are looking for something more indulgent for their loved ones.

India’s Spice Cookie Bar is planning to offer the traditional sweets as a one-time offering in the next few months, as it is looking to get a foothold in the burgeoning Indian market.

Founder and CEO Ravi Chaudhary said the Spice Cookie Shop, which opened on Thursday, would be the first shop in India to offer them as a seasonal treat.

The shop is hoping to bring the sweets to the streets in the coming weeks.

The biscuits are made from powdered sugar, milk and a combination of spices, including turmeric, cinnamon and cardamom, he said.

Chaudharies, who has been involved in Spice Cookie bar for three years, said the company had made about 500 million biscuits and was looking to raise 500 million.

The business, which sells biscuits at Rs 6,000 each, will not only provide a way to make the biscuit, but also sell them in the market, Chaudhartary said.

“The biscuits will be sold at a higher price, and the customers will have a better option.

They can purchase them as gifts or even at restaurants,” he said, adding that the company is looking at other spices, such as mint and coriander.

A shopkeeper at the shop, who did not want to be named, said he had been selling biscuits in his shop for years.

He said he bought spices to give to his wife and kids.

“My wife is very happy with the biscuits, she likes the spices,” he added.

Choudhary had approached Spice Cookie, which is currently running on a shoestring, to open the shop in the last three months after opening the first one in 2014.

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