“My brother was the head brewer at the brewery.

We would have a good meal there every night.

We were very fond of the Spiced Rum drinks.

They were very tasty.””

I remember when I was a kid, we used to have this little bucket of strawberries and spiced rum every week.

My brother had this big wooden bucket that he put in his mouth to get the spiced juice.

I always had this huge jar of Spiced rum that I’d always put in my mouth and drink from it.””

When we moved out to Toronto, we had a couple of friends that would come over to our house and cook for us.

We’d have these little picnic tables.

We had this old table that we would set up and just have a picnic in the backyard.

We loved to cook.””

Then we moved to New York City and my brother decided to do something a little bit different.

He would come down to our place, pick some strawberries out of the can and pour them into a spiced wine glass.

That’s when I realized what I had in my head, that I was going to become a full-time baker.

I went to a bakery, bought some bread and butter, and I did my own thing.

I didn’t go into the kitchen, I didn�t take orders.

I just did what I liked.””

That�s when I got to the point where I could cook my own recipes.

I was able to make my own bread, some sweet bread and some savoury bread.

I would make the sweet bread, I would add a little honey to it, and the savouriness would be added to it.

It was a lot of fun.

I made all kinds of things.

The next step was to start making my own rum.

That�s where I really got to really understand what was going on.””

The next step in my life was baking.

I baked some cakes, some pies, some pastries.

It wasn�t until the second year that I started to really bake my own cakes.

I took some of my friends that I worked with in the kitchen and they started making their own cake recipes.

The third year I started making my cakes myself.””

After I started baking, I was very fortunate to work at a restaurant, a small restaurant in Toronto, which was the first place I ever had the opportunity to work in.

I got hired there and then we went to the Michelin Guide, which is a guide to restaurants in Canada.

It�s a huge guide.

I had the privilege of going to this great restaurant in the West Village.

We made a cake and it was absolutely fantastic.””

We had to order a whole loaf of bread for the guests.

The cake was really, really good, but the bread wasn�ts so good.

It tasted like it had been in a frying pan and then they were going to fry it, but it didn�ts make sense.

It had a crust that was just crunchy.

We thought that was it.

I thought, ‘If I make this, I�ll be able to sell it to people.’

I thought that it would make a great cake.””

It turned out that the cake was the right size, and that was great.

The customer was so happy.

We went out to dinner and everyone said, ‘Thank you for the cake.’

It was amazing.””

But that was a long time ago.

Now, we have a second bakery and I think we�re going to continue making the cake.

I love to bake and I love the people that come to see me bake.””

Our bakery was the perfect fit for me.

I started in Toronto and I knew what it took to make it successful in New York.

I know what it takes to be successful in Canada, and we have some great people in Toronto that have helped me along the way.””

One thing that I really love about this industry is that I am lucky to have some really talented people in it.

If there is someone that wants to make a job in the bakery, I can say that I will make them an offer.””

If someone has a really good idea, I don�t want to say no to them.

I want to listen to what they have to say.

I don’t have any preconceptions about people.

I think people should be able, whatever their background, to come up with their own ideas.””

This industry is just about making money.

I really don�ts care who the employee is.

I mean, we make our money off of the product.

We don�ve paid a lot more attention to the people.

The people make their money.””

A lot of people are coming into the industry and trying to make their own fortune and make money off the

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