A new strain of spice that’s made from ginger and garlic has been discovered by scientists at the University of California, Davis

The research, published in the journal Nature Communications, shows that an organism has been isolated from the fruit of a ginger-like species of plant called Gingerus spp.

that contains a small amount of the spice.

The species was found growing in the soil of a garden in San Jose, California.

Researchers have previously identified a ginger that was isolated from a ginger root, but the ginger was very different in appearance.

The new ginger has an appearance of ginger and has been shown to contain more ginger, but no other ingredients, according to the study’s lead author, Gregory P. Soderstrom, a professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at UC Davis.

Gingerus is one of several species of ginger, which are found in a wide variety of fruits, including ginger and blackberries.

They are native to India and Southeast Asia and have a long history of cultivation and consumption.

Ginger has a long association with Chinese culture.

The ginger-plant genus, called Aromatica, was named for the spice’s smell and flavor.

The spice is also referred to as “ginger oil,” “gingers spice” or “gingerbread oil.”

The scientists analyzed the ginger-gastric mucosa of the ginger, Gingerus capensis, which is found in the genus Gingerus, and found that it contains two distinct ginger proteins.

One of the proteins was a glycoprotein, which gives the ginger a distinctive scent.

The other was a mucosal glycopolymer, which acts as a lubricant.

The researchers also found that ginger is able to secrete an odorant molecule, called an oil-binding protein, in the mucus that acts as an “oil trap.”

The oil-bound protein also helps the ginger to bind to the plant’s volatile oils.

The oil trap has been described as a type of receptor that allows the plant to communicate with other plants, like bacteria, to obtain nutrients.

The scientists also found a new receptor on the plant called the pheromone receptor, which functions as a “fuzzy signaling molecule” that can be used to help the ginger extract the essential oils from its environment.

“This is a major discovery,” said Dr. Sederstrom.

“It really opens the door to studying this species to understand its evolutionary history and ecology.

It opens up the possibility of looking at ginger in a whole new light.”

The new discovery also opens the way to study other ginger species.

Researchers are working on understanding how the ginger can be extracted from the soil, how the mucosa is formed and whether the plant uses other types of oils or volatile oils to attract the other ginger-related species.

“The discovery of a species of Gingerus has opened up the door for more studies of other ginger and its role in the microbial ecology of the earth,” said David L. Paz, professor of entomology and microbial ecology at the National University of Singapore.

“What’s great about this is that it shows that we can study the ecology of ginger using an entirely new system and look at how it’s used for a wide range of applications.”

The research was supported by the National Science Foundation.

The story was produced by the nonprofit ScienceMediaNetwork.org.

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