Why it’s time to take a breather from the 2016 season

The NFL has been on fire this year, with many stars emerging and teams in desperate need of an identity.

But for a few reasons, it’s not time to panic yet.1.

The league has the luxury of choosing to sit down with the owners to hammer out the details.

As the season winds down, owners have plenty of time to sit and hammer out new rules and regulations to protect players, the league said Wednesday.2.

The playoffs are a big part of the game.

The Super Bowl has long been a symbol of the NFL’s strength.

It also has been an important part of how the NFL has maintained its dominance over the years.3.

The NFL is facing the most intense ratings of any sport in the world.

Its ratings have been a consistent winner for years.

The 2018 season, however, has been a different story.4.

The ratings aren’t just hurting the NFL.

Its fans are hurt.

Its executives are hurt, too.5.

The American people are paying the price for the ratings and the ratings are not good.