How to make a spicy rice cake with adobo spice

Posted February 04, 2018 05:16:08 This is a fun way to make spicy rice cakes, and you can make the cake and serve it up with whatever rice you want.

You’ll need: a 12-inch cake pan (you may use a 10-inch or 11-inch pan), a cupcake tin (I used a 7-inch), a large cake stand (or you can just use a large sheet pan and put a piece of parchment paper over the top of the cake pan so it can bake without the cake coming off the cake stand), a few pieces of sugar, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a tablespoon of nutmeg, and a tablespoon or two of ginger.

First, cut the cake in half.

Then, pour the batter into the cake tin.

Pour the sugar into the bowl of the stand mixer, and add the nutmeg and ginger.

Stir the ingredients until they’re combined.

Then add the butter, flour, and baking powder and mix it together until it’s all combined.

You can now slide the cake out of the tin, using the spatula, and bake it for 20 minutes.

Then take it out of your pan and add some sugar, nuts, cinnamon, and ginger to the bowl with the flour and mix the ingredients together until everything is mixed.

Now take the cake back out of its tin, put the lid on the pan, and let it cool on the counter for 15 minutes.

Pour some more batter into your pan, place it on the stand, and turn it on high for 15 more minutes.

The cake should look like this: Now you can take it off the stand and enjoy the cake!

The cake is ready when it’s set up.

It’s pretty moist, so you’ll want to put it in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to allow the butter and flour to melt.

If it’s too hot, add more sugar, and if it’s still too hot add more butter.

Then cool the cake on a wire rack, and slice it.

Serve it with rice, or use it for dessert!