Thai curry is better than Indian curry

The spice-rich curry is known as thai curry, but its more commonly known as Indian curry.

It’s also been made in India for centuries, and it’s a favourite in Thailand.

The curry is served with rice, onions, tomatoes and other spices, as well as chicken, fish, fish sauce, and fish sauce.

Thais eat curry like the Indian food they know and love, but with a slight twist, which means it is a less-traditional dish.

It is also cheaper than traditional curry.

Thai curry isn’t a traditional Indian dish, but many people in Thailand do eat it.

It can be found in supermarkets and restaurants across the country, and is often found in the more upscale sections.

What you’ll need to make Thai curry: You will need a large bowl, some vegetables and some chicken to make your curry, and some broth.

(Photo: Supplied) Chicken, fish and fish soup or curry powder are also a popular way to make thai cooking, as are curry leaves.

You will also need some chicken, which can be fried or roasted, and a few other ingredients.

If you don’t have any fish, chicken breast or fish sauce to make the curry, you can make it in a bowl of water, or you can add fish sauce or fish broth to it.

The recipe below uses Thai curry broth, but it can be made with whatever broth you like.

Add the chicken, or other vegetables, and add the spices and seasonings.

(Note: This curry will only taste good if you’re able to make a curry of it.)

For a richer taste, add some fish sauce and some more spices, like coriander, cumin, and cinnamon.

To make a thick curry, add fish stock or stock cubes to the bowl.

You can add any kind of vegetable or meat to the curry.

Serve the curry with rice or noodles.

Chicken or beef curry is popular in Thailand, and many Thai restaurants also serve it with curry.

(A Thai version of chicken curry is also popular in Australia.)

It’s often served with soup, and rice or noodle bowls can be used.

Chicken curry is a popular dish in Thailand and the world, and you can find it in most supermarkets, restaurants, and online.

The Thai curry you like is the one that you’ll be eating when you come to Thailand.

What to buy in Thailand?

Chicken and fish curry: Thai curry can be a cheaper alternative to Indian or Chinese curry.

You’ll need chicken, chicken, and chicken stock to make it.

(Photos: SuppPLIED) Chicken or chicken breast: Chicken breast is often served as a side dish, and Thai chicken breasts are also popular.

Chicken broth or stock is also a good way to cook chicken, though you may need to adjust the broth or use stock cubes.

Chicken is also often cooked with fish sauce (also called soy sauce) or fish flakes.

If your chicken is too fatty, you’ll also need to add some salt and pepper.

(The Thai word for chicken is เมหวันคว้ากาเเ).

The spice mix will also taste better if you use fish sauce over the chicken broth.

Chicken breast and fish broth: You can also make Thai chicken curry in a broth made from chicken, so it’s an easy way to enjoy chicken curry.

Chicken can be cooked in broth, or in a thin broth, which is the same as using broth in a dish like rice or pasta.

(It can also be made in a thick broth like rice, but that is more expensive.)

If you want a richer curry, chicken stock is a good choice, along with fish stock.

You may need a small amount of fish sauce for the chicken to thicken.

(Read more about cooking fish.)

A fish sauce will taste better with chicken than fish.

Fish broth or fish stock: You’ll also want to make fish stock for this curry, because it can add a rich taste.

It also makes a good substitute for rice or rice noodles, but you’ll probably need to change the broth if you add fish or fish oil.

Thai fish sauce: This sauce is a bit more expensive than fish broth, and may be hard to find.

It has a slightly fishy taste and is also more expensive, but there are Thai fish markets and restaurants in Australia that sell it for about $10 per 1kg.

The best part is that you can buy Thai fish in bulk.

(You can also find Thai fish sauces at some supermarkets.)

Chicken or fish curry with fish: A simple Thai fish curry dish can be topped with a tasty fish sauce in place of the curry meat.

You might also try adding some shrimp or calamari or other seafood to the dish.

Thai shrimp or crab curry: A classic Thai dish that is typically served with curry, is shrimp, crab or other fish sauce on a bed of rice or other rice noodles