How to avoid an embarrassing mistake when visiting the Spice World

The Spice World is not a place you want to visit if you’re looking to make an extra buck on your next trip to India.

In fact, you’re not supposed to even think about it unless you’re going to take a spin around the world on a bike.

But with a new book called Spice World: How to Avoid An Embarrassing Mistake when Visiting the Spice, the book explains the basics of what you can and can’t do when visiting India.

“The Spice World provides the perfect opportunity to learn more about the spice trade, and what it means to be a spice buyer, while getting to know the people who make it happen,” the book says.

“But it also provides the opportunity to experience the culture and the history of the spice-growing region, which is an exciting and often misunderstood aspect of India’s spice trade.”

Spice is made from dried leaves and stems of various species of flowering plants.

The leaves are then crushed, dried and processed to make spice.

The book’s author, Sarah A. Williams, said she was inspired by the Spice House, a restaurant in Washington DC, which sells spices from its various locations and offers tours to the shops.

“I decided to write a book that was really about spice itself, and its place in India’s rich history and culture, rather than spice’s place in the modern world,” she said.

“So the Spice Book focuses on the people and the cultures who produce it and the people in its service, rather then on the spices themselves.”

Read more about spices hereThe Spice Book is set to be released on September 15 by Penguin Random House India.

It was launched at the Indian American National Museum in Washington D.C. to coincide with the launch of the film, Spice.

It’s also set to launch a television series on the Spice trade and to feature an oral history.

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