Why spice boys aren’t welcome in the family anymore

In a bid to make spice boys more appealing to the young, a number of families in Saskatchewan are banning them from their families.

A few years ago, a group of spice boys were introduced in a town near Regina to ease tensions between families and their own children, but the move quickly attracted attention from people who say it’s inappropriate and not good for children.

“I just don’t like the fact that we have to go through the whole process of being a part of the family,” said James Loo.

The family of one of the spice boys, Andrew, was told to bring in another spice boy who would join his family.

“If they didn’t have a problem with this, then why do we have a conflict with them?” asked Loo, who is the principal of the Royal Saskatchewan Academy of Sciences.

The school has since added an “all-boys” policy to its curriculum, but it’s not working.

Many spice boys are on the run and many families have decided to keep them.

It’s also not good to have them in the neighbourhood, said Laura Tabor.

Loo and other spice boys say they’re now struggling to keep up with their own family members.

In Regina, the Spice Boys Association is hoping to take a step forward and offer a spice boy a place at a dinner table.

But in Saskatoon, the association is fighting to keep the program as it is.

“They have a right to be in their own house, and they are going to be there and they will be part of their community, but we have always said, ‘We’re not going to put a spice boys up at a table,'” said Karen Anderson.

Anderson says her family has been in touch with Spice Boys of Saskatchewan to offer a safe space for the spice boy to come and go.

So far, the spice girls have said they’re willing to accommodate the spice children, however, the organization is pushing to have a formal meeting with the Spice Girls Association in Regina next month.

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