5 spices that are good to eat while watching Netflix

It is a common refrain for many viewers, and a frequent complaint for others, that watching Netflix is a pain in the ass.

A recent poll conducted by TechCrunch found that 42 percent of respondents said they were annoyed with Netflix and 39 percent said they would rather do something else.

While Netflix is the most popular streaming service in the United States, the service isn’t the only one that’s had its fair share of controversy.

In December, the New York Times reported that Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings was caught on tape making a joke about the company’s employees, saying “if you’re a writer and you’re in the right place at the right time, you’re not going to have a problem.”

Hastings, who was eventually fired by Netflix, has apologized and acknowledged the error.

But the New Yorker reported that his apology was met with anger from some employees.

One former Netflix employee who spoke to the New Zealand Times said that “in many ways, it was Hastings’ failure to learn the ropes, not Netflix’s.”

“It’s not just that he said something inappropriate, it’s that the tone and tone of the apology wasn’t right, and that the way he did it was not what he should have done,” the former employee told the newspaper.

“I think that’s what caused a lot of people to say, ‘Hey, Netflix is really shitty.’

It was really hard for a lot [of people] to accept that it’s not OK to say something like that.”

Netflix has been accused of sexism and racism by some employees, but has also been criticized for its inclusion of diverse content, including Asian-American and Latino programming.