What’s going on with the Spice Girls?

In June 2015, Spice Girls stars Olivia Wilde and Christina Hendricks were in a heated argument over whether or not to join the “Walking Dead” cast, a decision that would have led to them leaving the network altogether.

After several days of arguing, the pair finally agreed to sign on as “Sugar Daddies” for Season 2.

But while they were on board, the show was canceled, with “Walkers” creator Glen Mazzara saying that the series was canceled because of a lack of interest.

It’s not clear if the Spice Dolls have had any kind of impact on the show, with the cast reportedly working on other projects.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2017, actor James Earl Jones confirmed that the Spice Kids weren’t a big part of the original “Wake Up Dead” reboot, saying, “I think that’s the worst thing they could have done.”

Jones went on to say that he was in negotiations to direct a sequel to the show when it ended in 2015.

He also said that the original castmembers wanted him to be a part of it.

“I’m in the writers room,” Jones told EW.

“So I’m in negotiations.”

It’s unknown if the show’s castmembers have any sort of involvement in the current “Waking Dead” spinoff, which has yet to be confirmed.

Jones’ comments may have something to do with the fact that the show ended on an unceremonious cliffhanger, but he did make it clear that he doesn’t think it was a good move for the series.

“If they had gone ahead and done the spinoff and been like, ‘Well, we’re gonna do the sequel to ‘Waking Death,’ and do it as a two-hour movie, and we’re not gonna have the show as we had it in the first season, then I don’t think we should have done it,” Jones said.

“It was like, let’s just get the spin off.”

The show’s creators are now taking a break from television.