The ‘fierce’ Jamaican Spice scene in London is coming to a close

The Jamaican spice scene has had a long and colourful life in London, and now it is closing its doors.

A news article in the Sunday Times on Saturday said “the Jamaican spices trade has been a vital part of the British economy for over a century, with millions of pounds a year being spent on the industry”.

The article says the industry has been the “only reliable source of income for many of the thousands of Jamaican people who have lived and worked in London for decades”.

It says the Jamaican community in London has been one of the most resilient in the UK, but its closure was a “very big shock”.

Jamaican businesses are being sold off, but they will not be able to reopen for at least another year.

“The trade is in its final stages,” said the article.

The article said the closure of the Jamaicans spice trade was not the result of any major financial problems, but because of “an increase in demand for local ingredients”.

The Jamaicans market has been booming in London in recent years, with more than 500 businesses now operating in the capital.

It is hoped the trade will return, but there are also concerns that the Jamais population may dwindle as people retire.

It’s thought the trade could have a negative impact on the city’s economic health.

“A lot of people will be losing their jobs and going to jobs overseas,” said Kate Cairns, director of research at the London Economic Development Corporation.

“They may not be keen to come back.

That would be a very sad outcome for us as a city.”

The article also says that the trade is one of only two industries in the city that have been able to survive financially, the other being the local paper.

The other, paper trade, is not in good shape.

The paper trade has struggled to make money for the past few years and is struggling to survive.

“We’re seeing a lot of companies going bankrupt,” Cairn said.

“There is an increasing number of papers having trouble getting a loan.”

The Sunday Times article also said the Jamaicans food trade has also suffered.

It says that “more than 200 Jamaican food suppliers, most of them small businesses, have closed their doors”.

The story says many Jamaican-owned shops have been shut down, while the market itself has shrunk from around 3,000 shops to around 200.

The newspaper also said “there are more than 20 businesses in the London trade, but not a single Jamaican.”

It also says “there have been warnings of a significant drop in the number of Jamaicans working in the British market in recent months”.

“While some Jamaican trade firms have closed, others have been left struggling to find ways to continue with their business,” the article said.

The Jamaica Times has run stories about the trade for decades.

It has been described as one of London’s “great exports”, with “a thriving Jamaican market for more than 200 years”.

The trade has seen a decline in the past two decades.

“I have no doubt that the market will recover,” Cairs said.

The Jamaica Times is the second newspaper in the Caribbean to close down.

The Associated Press has reported that the Jamaica Times had been sold off in the early 1990s.

In 2008, the Jamaica Times had to close after a string of poor sales.

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