‘It was like an epidemic’: The horror of Spice House

A Spice House, the world’s biggest spice bar chain, has closed its doors after one of its suppliers, a Swedish company, refused to sell to a customer.

The closure of Spice King follows the death of its former owner, Eric Hirschfeld, who was found dead in his home in February.

Mr Hirschfield, who had been the chief executive officer of Spice for nearly 40 years, had been suffering from cancer.

His wife, Sophie Hirschf, said she was heartbroken.

“He was one of the most beautiful people I have ever met, and the world was a better place for him,” she said.

Spice King has been owned by Spice Holdings since 2009.

It is the biggest spice supplier in Europe, and also sells to some US and European markets.

The company said it was the third major supplier to close in the space of a year.

The closure has been welcomed by many in the industry, who said it would create a big dent in the lucrative business.

“I think it is a big loss for everybody involved,” said Paul Smith, a spice wholesaler and owner of the spice rack chain Spice House in Melbourne’s west.

“We’re really disappointed that Spice King has closed and will be shutting down the entire business.

It’s a huge loss for the industry.”

It is not the first time Spice has closed.

Last year, the firm closed its business, which was based in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

In February, Spice Holdings, which had its Australian arm in Victoria and New South Wales, was sold to a Chinese company.

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