Canadian city to ban spices, nut-stuffed jars after ‘terrible incident’

On Monday, residents of the Vancouver neighbourhood of Maple Ridge will be able to have their own “terrible” incident at the hands of their neighbours.

A group of Maple Ridgers who have lived in Maple Ridge for a year and a half have been planning the event for months.

“We had the idea about a month ago,” said Marielle Wiesner, a former resident of Maple Hill.

“I said, ‘This is ridiculous, why are we doing this?’

And then I had a meeting with [the city’s director of public works] about it.”

“I thought, ‘I’m going to do something.’

It’s really important to us.”

Wiesener said the group was told that it could not use a regular nut-shell jar for the event, as it is too large for their home.

“They were very supportive,” she said.

“But when I said it was a bit too big for my house, they told us to take a smaller one and put them on the side.”

The group said they are going to take the jars, as they say they were originally meant for the house of a friend of theirs.

The city says it was made to be large enough to hold the jars and they will be given to anyone who would like to use them.

“It’s been a very difficult decision, but I believe it’s the right one,” said Mayor Lisa Helps.

“The City of Maple Hills will take the opportunity to provide this service to people in the city who have a legitimate need.”

Wivesner said that they are also hoping to help with the costs of the event.

“People will be sharing their experience and the information that’s being given to them,” she added.

“If they can’t afford to do it themselves, then they will pay for someone else to do the service.”

In a statement, the city says they will provide the jars to anyone with a legitimate request for them.

If you would like a jar, click here to visit our website and sign up to receive updates.

“These jars are made to fit a standard sized home, and we are grateful that they have chosen to donate them,” the city said.

The Maple Ridge Community Association is planning to donate the jars at a future event, which they are not sure when, but said they will also be sending out a donation card to the residents.

“To the Maple Ridge residents, this is a chance to show support and show they can do this,” said Mike Kivisild, who lives on Maple Ridge.

“When they donate the jar, I hope that they’re willing to give a jar to the community and they want to help others.”

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