India to ban ‘chewable’ food products as part of anti-tobacco campaign

India will ban chewing and spitting as part the countrys anti-smoking campaign, officials said on Friday.

India will also ban tobacco products such as chewing tobacco and spit in public places, the health ministry said.

“We are not going to allow anyone to indulge in these types of activities in public, even in restaurants,” Health Minister Rajendra Kumar said in a written reply to a question posed by Congress MP and BJP MP Preeti Sharma.

“Health departments and other public authorities will be required to enforce the prohibition of these types and will make it mandatory for public spaces and places of public consumption to ensure compliance,” Kumar said.

The ministry said it will take action against those who break the rules, including those who use or advertise chewing and spit.

A government-run health centre has already conducted a series of tests to identify those using or advertising chewing and spat.

The centre will also be using social media to monitor the use of these products, the ministry said in the reply.